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Well’s Inferno

Light-years away from Earth, humans work to colonize planet Wright. After ten years of work, nine years of terraforming, and three thousand landed settlers, rain finally falls. And with the rain, colonists’ lives turn deadly.

– Well’s Inferno, a serial online novel

Welcome to Well’s Inferno, a Sci-Fi/Horror serial web novel I work on during breaks in novel writing. New content will be add weekly, so come back, or sign up for my Newsletter to stay up to date.

Objects and names inspired by various members of the Twitter #WritingCommunity that have been so kind.

Part 1: After the Rains

Part 2: Walters’ Race

Part 3: To the MCJ

Part 4: Unlucky Reunion

Part 5 The Infirmary

Part 6: Just a Short Sprint

Part 7: the Brothers


*Be advised, it is first draft quality, as I don’t have the same time to dedicate to it as I do my novels.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

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