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Books & Other Projects

Below are a few current and future projects.

Judith’s Prophecy September 14, 2020 by Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 1

Judith's Prophecy Book Cover
A dark thriller, cross between Supernatural and Buff the Vampire Slayer
A small-town Montana vampire hunter seeks vengeance for his family’s deaths, but when he learns of a string of ritualistic murders, he’s forced to take on a different job: stopping an ancient apocalyptic prophecy.

From their off-grid campsite, Easy and Ben follow the trail of a bloodsucking syndicate boss. When the investigation leads to local disappearances, the duo discovers the aftermath of vampire rituals, and learns of an ancient prophecy.

Although Easy and Ben aren’t sure if the prophecy is real, they know they must defeat the syndicate to stop the deadly rituals. If they fail, it may mean Hell on Earth for the rest of Judith, and the start of a long foretold vampire uprising.

Order Judith’s Prophecy on all platforms and paperback.


Judith’s Blood eta November 2020 by Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 2

Easy thought the battle for Judith’s future was won, but he’s only scratched the surface of the demonic fate that’s coming for his town.

If you’re going to war, you build an army and an arsenal.

Easy and Jess call in reinforcements and grow their mystic resources as infected creatures turn on humanity. They discover a pestilence is headed toward Judith, and it’s doubtful they can deliver the cure.

With the battle for the future of Judith descending upon them, Easy, Ben, and Jess are forced to fight harder and smarter than ever before, if they want to stay ahead of the bloodsucking enemy.


Judith’s Fall eta April 2021 by Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 3

Vampires think their prophecy is fulfilled, but Easy won’t stop until he proves them wrong.

During the night, humanity is stalked and hunted. They cower in fear. But Easy and his team keep fighting to stay alive, and hoping to find a way to save their race.

When Easy discovers a blood magic spell that could return vampires to Hell, he’s forced to decide whether or not it’s worth destroying his own soul. He may have to sacrifice his beliefs and risk the lives of those he loves if he wishes to save humanity from the vampire curse.


Remnants Out Now by Kyanite Publishing

Remnants Book Cover

an anthology created by Stephen Coghlan
and edited by B.K. Bass

Featuring: Stephen Coghlan, Michael D. Nadeau, Aaron Lee, Benjamin Hope, D.W. Hitz, J.D. Kellner, Ian Fairgrieve, Rachel Ford, A.A. Rubin, Alan Provance, Crystal L. Kirkham, and J.D. Sanderson.

Strange clouds on the horizon herald the coming of the swarm. The undulating masses of the hoard cannot be stopped. The world ends in a frenzy of death and miasma of terror, but what will become of the remnants of humanity?

Order Remnants on all platforms, paperback, and hardcover.


Well’s Inferno -On Hold

A Sci-Fi / Horror installment series. – read it here
Light-years away from Earth, humans work to colonize planet Wright. After 10 years of work, 9 years of terraforming, and 3000 settlers, rain finally falls. And with the rain, colonists’ lives turn deadly.


They Stole the Earth! -Querying

An upper Middle Grade Sci-Fi Action novel
When siblings Bruce and Lindy get to school on a weird Wednesday morning, they’re shocked to find out that Aliens have landed on the planet Earth. When it becomes apparent that these aliens are not here to make friends, Bruce and Lindy must fight for the human race, to save their planet and send the aliens packing.