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Gods are Born Book Cover

Gods are Born Available now from Fedowar Press

This is not the world you know.

When aliens crashed on Earth, everything changed. Humanity has been decimated by predators and plague. Electromagnetic waves render most technology useless. The survivors are afflicted by strange mutations—some troubling, others amazing.

Kaysa simply desires to live her life. When forced to use her powers, someone always gets hurt.

Tony loves being a hitman. The pay is good, and with his abilities, most jobs are a cakewalk.

The bloodthirsty King of the Republic is unsatisfied. A power greater than his own beckons to him from the beyond.

And to realize his destiny, he must bring the others to it.

Gods are Born follows the paths of seven extraordinary beings as they struggle to survive, to find peace within themselves, and ultimately to defeat the King…

…and something far worse than they can imagine.

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They Stole the Earth Book Cover

They Stole the Earth! Available now from Fedowar Press

A Middle Grade Sci-Fi Adventure

When siblings Bruce and Lindy get to school on a weird Wednesday morning, they’re shocked to find out that Aliens have landed on the planet Earth. When it becomes apparent that these aliens are not here to make friends, Bruce and Lindy must fight for the human race, to save their planet and send the aliens packing.

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Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One Book Cover

Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One Available  from Fedowar Press

Fedowar Press presents seven new stories of holiday horror. Between haunted homes, psychotic killers, Santa’s misguided minions, and cursed presents, these tales will creep you to the bone while pumping your heart rate higher and higher.


Not Another Blue Christmas by Micah Castle
The Oaks by David Dixon
The Dollhouse by Jason Herrington
The Land of Taking and Killing by Carlton Herzog
Chester’s Cave by D.W. Hitz
Time to Waste by Michael D. Nadeau
The Naughty List by Patrick Sessoms

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Remnants: Volume One Book Cover

Remnants: Volume One Available  from Fedowar Press

Fedowar Press presents a new edition of an amazing anthology originally published by Kyanite Press. Remnants: Volume One is revised, re-edited, and includes 3 brand new tales of the remnants of humanity as they survive beyond the end of the world.

Strange clouds on the horizon herald the coming of the swarm. The undulating masses of the horde cannot be stopped. Terrifying creatures roam the Earth, seemingly with no aim but to devour all that stands before them. Experience the end of the world as we know it with these seventeen tales of horror, survival, and hope. The world ends in a frenzy of death and miasma of terror, but what will become of the remnants of humanity?

Seventeen tales of post-apocalyptic survival horror!


Resistance by Stephen Coghlan
First Swarm by J.D. Sanderson
Heatwave by Aaron E. Lee
Megan by J.D. Kellner
Against the Darkness by Stephen Coghlan
Love Song by Rachel Ford
The Brood by Ian Fairgrieve
The Other Side by Michael D. Nadeau
The Sheltered Isle by Benjamin Hope
Echoes of Faith by Alan Provance
The Badlands by Crystal L. Kirkham
Rian’s Path by D.W. Hitz
The Forgotten by A.A. Rubin
Weed Wacker by David Wickenden
Surviving Humanity by Ian Fairgrieve
The Kings of New York by A.A. Rubin
A Final Longing by Stephen Coghlan

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Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands: Fantastic Tales of the Weird West Book Cover

Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands: Fantastic Tales of the Weird West Available  from Fedowar Press

The western landscape holds awesome and spectacular secrets. Between prairies and mountains, deserts and canyons, strange things happen. These are five tales of the fantastic, from the old west to the dystopian future, that share a glimpse of what might be if land told all.


The Hattersfield Dilemma by B.K. Bass
Creeper’s Wreath by D.W. Hitz
Sheriff of the Dead by Jodi Jensen
Freedom’s Bounty by Crystal L. Kirkham
Red by Eric Lahti

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Star Crossed Cover

Star Crossed Available now from Fedowar Press

Edited by Renée Gendron

An anthology of romantic science fiction inspired by a common theme of space, imagination, and connection.

Far From Home by B.K. Bass
Slow Recovery by Ian Martínez Cassmeyer
Branded by Renée Gendron
Exiled by D.W. Hitz
The Arrangement by Pamela James
Ascension by Nikki Mitchell
O, swear not by the moon by J.L. Peridot
Honor, Duty, Love by L. A. Stinnett

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Judith's Prophecy Book Cover

Judith’s Prophecy Out Now from Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 1

A dark thriller, cross between Supernatural and Buff the Vampire Slayer

A small-town Montana vampire hunter seeks vengeance for his family’s deaths, but when he learns of a string of ritualistic murders, he’s forced to take on a different job: stopping an ancient apocalyptic prophecy.

From their off-grid campsite, Easy and Ben follow the trail of a bloodsucking syndicate boss. When the investigation leads to local disappearances, the duo discovers the aftermath of vampire rituals, and learns of an ancient prophecy.

Although Easy and Ben aren’t sure if the prophecy is real, they know they must defeat the syndicate to stop the deadly rituals. If they fail, it may mean Hell on Earth for the rest of Judith, and the start of a long foretold vampire uprising.

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Judith's Blood Book Cover

Judith’s Blood Out Now from Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 2

Easy thought the battle for Judith’s future was won, but he’s only scratched the surface of the demonic fate that’s coming for his town.

If you’re going to war, you build an army and an arsenal.

Easy and Jess call in reinforcements and grow their mystic resources as infected creatures turn on humanity. They discover a pestilence is headed toward Judith, and it’s doubtful they can deliver the cure.

With the battle for the future of Judith descending upon them, Easy, Ben, and Jess are forced to fight harder and smarter than ever before, if they want to stay ahead of the bloodsucking enemy.

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Judith's Fall Cover

Judith’s Fall Out Now from Evolved Publishing

Big Sky Terror Book 3

Vampires think their prophecy is fulfilled, but Easy won’t stop until he proves them wrong.

Mount Judith held the worst battle that Easy and his team had ever fought, and the scars will haunt them forever. The Apocalypse has begun, and the world is falling apart all around them, but a single hope shines within their midst.

Easy has one last mission to complete if he’s going to stop this Apocalypse, one final life to save if he’s going to save the rest. Yet when it comes time to make the choice, he must decide who’s more important: those he loves, or the rest of humanity.

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