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Time is running short

Wow, September is flying by. It seems like it just started and I had 2 weeks before the release of my book, Judith’s Prophecy. Now it’s down to only 4 days!

I’m very excited to be able to share this book with the world. To start, I recorded a live reading of chapter 1 on YouTube. If you are interested in supernatural thrillers/horror, I hope you will take a look and see if you like it.

Back with chapter 2 very soon!

Judith’s Prophecy and Big Sky Terror have a home!

I’m thrilled and honored to announce that I have signed with the Evolved Publishing team. Our first project will be my Supernatural Thriller trilogy, which kicks of the Big Sky Terror series. There’s a lot of hard work and fun ahead, and I’m looking forward to this amazing new adventure!

Read the announcement on the Evolved Publishing website.

#PitMad is Coming!

Are you getting ready for #PitMad on the 5th?
This video may help.


#downlight in a field? There’s no reason, power, sign of man’s creation or intention, save its existence in and of itself.

Things that help me

I’m not an accomplished writer by any means yet, but often I hear people ask about writing advice. These are some things that help me.



Cards in one hand, Glock in my lap, eyes on the fool. His jokes ran near empty, but his aim was self-gratification. (more…)

Where to find an Agent?

When I started the agent search, I wasn’t sure of everywhere to check. As usual. I turned to the amazing (more…)


I begged for it to cease. Stay dark, stay dark. As the flash crashed through the window, it laughed at my forged resistance and drew imps and minions across my space. (more…)


As the dark became, the demon returned. It’s fine, it’s his corner. A headlight swiped him out & (more…)


Ignoring the direct had become a regularity. Shapes that had once been subtle and unobtrusive had breached the #surface (more…)

Where to Buy

Want signed copies?

Many of my books are available signed on the Fedowar Press Shop.

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Camp Slasher Lake: Volume One

Camp Slasher Lake: Volume Two

Judith's Prophecy Cover

Judith's Blood Cover

Judith's Blood Cover


Gods are Born Cover

The Curse of Grohl

They Stole the Earth! Cover

Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One

Remnants: Volume One

Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands Cover

Star Crossed Cover